Patient Testimonials

Hearing Testimonials

“Many years ago you fitted me with my first hearing aid. These were small, comfortable ITC analog devices. They were a help, but often would be too annoying in more noisy environments. I needed to remove the aids often – especially in loud, high decibel situations, like at work and in other clamorous places. With my new devices, I can have not only the experience of more normal hearing, but I have been able to achieve of comfort that I haven’t known. The sounds I am enjoying today have been absent from my life for many years. The only problem I have, are the wrinkles that have developed around the corners of my eyes, because I find myself constantly smiling. I can’t thank all of you enough for restoring my hearing — one of life’s greatest pleasures.”


“I would like to share the satisfaction I have had in my dealings with Hyman Hearing and Speech Center. My original hearing center went out of business about four years ago. I was not sure where I would go for my hearing needs. Then I thought of Joy Hyman. I had met her, initially, when both of us sat on a local advisory board. I knew her work ethic, and thought I would give her Center a try. I am glad I did. I have been very happy with the service provided there. Karen Moellman, my Audiologist, has been exceptional in her diligence to make sure my hearing aid issues are resolved in the best way possible. She has taken the time and effort to make sure my new Resound hearing aids are performing the way they should. Hyman Hearing and Speech Center has more than met my expectations; they have surpassed them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs the extra assistance that hearing aids provide. I thoroughly believe that you too will be satisfied.”


Speech And Language Testimonials

“Speech therapy has made a world of difference to my husband and I, now that Craig can communicate her feelings, wishes and needs, etc. Craig, now two and a half, started speech therapy with a very limited vocabulary when he was 18 months. He now has a very large vocabulary, and is putting 2 to 3 words mini-sentences together on a regular basis. Life is so much easier now that we can communicate with each other. A huge reduction in his temper tantrums is noticed. At his Montessori school they are able to understand him very well. He now enjoys interacting with kids of all ages at the park, day care, gym or church. Speech therapy has been a life saver for all of us.”


“Julia, after only six sessions of speech therapy, can say her name and strangers can understand her. Her language is improving every day with the help of her speech training recording. She loves to listen to Miss Joy and sing songs from therapy. Julia is now able to tell us what she needs without becoming so frustrated. Her peers understand her. Our little girl’s personality is blossoming and she is so much happier.”


“Speech therapy has been very beneficial for our son Tyler. We have seen an enormous amount of progress in just two months. Tyler is much more will to communicate more. In the past he just said ‘never mind’ if we couldn’t understand him. Now he has a tremendous amount of confidence when talking. Tyler is doing a wonderful job in his pre-school, and his teachers have noticed an amazing difference. I feel much more confident sending him to kindergarten next year with all the progress he has made.”


“Before coming to Hyman Hearing and Speech Center, my son Ethan, wasn’t using the amount of words that typical three year old child should be using. As a early childhood major, I knew what his vocabulary should be, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get him to improve. Within a couple of weeks of attending speech therapy, his vocabulary began to grow. Joy manages to get him in ways that I, as a mother, just can’t. I’m not sure why, but I think that it has something to do with the fact that sometimes parents need help from outside the family. Before attending speech therapy, everything was a battle at home. People said, ‘he is three, and that is just how they are.’ But, it was more than that. I couldn’t even reason with him. I couldn’t get him to do anything without having to chase him down. But, once he started to attend speech therapy, the battles became less and less. He is now more likely to help me instead of fighting with me. I learned that it is okay for a child to go to therapy and it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent. This is something I struggled with until I realized that with Ethan, I am learning along with him. I am just so thankful for Joy and Hyman Hearing and Speech Center. Ethan is becoming the little boy that I knew was there all along, he was just trapped behind the words he didn’t have.”


“I can’t imagine how far we would be with Liam’s communication skills if we hadn’t brought him here. He used to stay to himself in pre-school. His pre-school teachers have noticed a difference, and he is talking all over the place. In the beginning I didn’t think that they could do anything, and that he would just start taking on his own. I am so glad that we had him attend. ‘Boy, he talks a lot, and you sure know what he wants’.”